Benstock’s Service Lane Philosophy Featured in Automotive News


Benstock’s successful strategy of acquiring used vehicles out of his own service departments garners attention from the Automotive News.

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Service lanes can become source of used-car inventory

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Benstock Attends “The Oscars of the Automotive Industry”

Brian Benstock attended the Automotive Leadership Roundtable in Miami, Florida in April. As part of the event Brian presented about best practices for improving customer retention by looking at all dealership departments and how they work together. Pictured below is some highlights from the event. In attendance at the event were David Wescott (Chairman of NADA), Jack Harbaugh (Former NFL Player, Coach, and father of 2012 NFL Superbowl coaches John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh), Google Automotive, Facebook, and many more.


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Brian Benstock, Paragon Auto Group Honored at Automotive Social Media Awards

 Paragon Auto Group won the “Special Recognition — Best Social Media Thought Leadership” Award at the 2012 Automotive Social Media Awards at NADA in Orlando, Fla., presented by Digital Air Strike.

The award was presented to Brian Benstock, vice president and general manager at Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura, in recognition of his innovation and best practices in social media and online reputation management, as well as his efforts in using social media to sell automobiles.

Additionally, Digital Air Strike recognized Benstock as a “go-to media source, an early adopter of social media strategies, an established speaker and industry leader.”

“His hard and dedication are helping to move the industry forward,” according to the organization.

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Paragon Dealerships Continue to Grow Thanks to Successful Vehicle Exchange Program

Paragon Honda picked up right where it left off last year, selling more certified pre-owned Honda vehicles than any other Honda dealership in the world for the second consecutive year. Sister store Paragon Acura joined in on the success, leading in certified pre-owned Acura sales for 2012.

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Paragon Vehicle Replacement Program Provides Repair and Replacement Relief to Residents with Automobiles Affected By Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the extensive damage Hurricane Sandy caused to numerous vehicles throughout the New York area, Paragon Auto Group is offering the Paragon Vehicle Replacement Program. All New York area residents whose vehicles have sustained damage due to Hurricane Sandy are eligible for assistance in the replacement or repair of their vehicle.

“Hurricane Sandy has disrupted many people’s lives and many are now just getting their lives back together, dealing with house insurance, flood insurance, damages and much more,” said Brian Benstock, vice president and general manager of Paragon Auto Group. “We want to provide assistance so that those affected can resolve their vehicle issues not only as easily as possible, but as safely as possible.”

With many residents unable to drive their damaged vehicles due to damage or safety concerns, the program allows those affected to have their vehicles picked up for assessment and repair free of charge. Paragon will then work directly with the insurance companies to ensure claims are properly handled. All repaired vehicles will be subjected to a thorough safety and mechanical inspection to ensure that the vehicle is properly assessed and repaired fully. Additionally, all work and repairs are covered under warranty.

Those who suffer a total loss or would like to replace their vehicle will qualify for special incentives on a new vehicle from Paragon’s fully stocked inventory.  Reduced APR rates and zero-down purchase options are available, as well as no payments required for 90 days. A vehicle rental option will also be available for those in need.

For more information on the Paragon Vehicle Replacement Program, please visit

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