Honda Makes A Home In Silicon Valley

While last week’s 2016 Accord reveal was exciting, I think the true news lies in Honda’s decision to extend their home to Silicon Valley through the Xcelerator initiative. This initiative is designed to provide technology innovators with the resources to develop rapid prototyping and commercialization efforts, and will be housed in a 35,000-square-foot facility in Silicon Valley.

Honda’s decision to immerse themselves amongst the best and brightest in Silicon Valley is a declaration of their intention to concentrate on developing cutting edge technology, which will only bring positive changes to Honda’s product.

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Honda Thinks Community

Paying millions for a central character to drive a Mercedes in an opening shot of a new blockbuster, putting an Apple MacBook in the hands of the hottest female lead, and placing Starbucks as the central, recurring meeting point for long lost lovers: all brand placement concepts that are not new to any major industry, aimed at pushing the product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Actual ROI from these placements is arguable.

Honda took this concept to new heights with their 12-month “Presenting Sponsorship” partnership with the Yahoo Screen hit series “Community,” which included pre-roll video ads and integrations. The highlight of the sponsorship came in season six, episode seven with an entire storyline that centered around the Honda CR-V.  Yahoo keeps viewership metrics close to the vest, so an exact measurement success is hard to pin down; regardless, I’m not sure how much I could pay for a hit series to mention, describe, discuss, analyze and look at my product for an entire episode. Well done, Honda.

Read more details about the campaign here.

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2016 Accord Reveal Location Speaks Volumes About Honda Technology

Honda recently unveiled the new 2016 Honda Accord and though details have yet to be announced, the new Accord will have both Android and Apple connectivity – making this dual tech partnership not only a first for Honda, but among most manufacturers across the industry.

Perhaps the most telling part of this reveal was the location Honda chose to reveal their new Accord. Instead of the typical auto-heavy locations like Detroit, New York or Los Angeles, Honda chose Silicon Valley as the spot to introduce their newest addition to their lineup. Their choice speaks volumes about Honda’s focus and brand direction. Their acknowledgement of the importance of Silicon Valley in the automotive R&D space will hopefully guide Honda product development for the several vehicle generations.

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Paragon at the 2015 Colombian Parade of New York

Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura were proud to be a part of the 2015 Colombian Parade of New York on Sunday. Held in downtown Queens, we brought the wrapped Acura TLX and 2016 Pilot along with us!

carsonparade Colombiano crewwDaneida

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Engineering the Acura NSX

Acura just released an incredible new video on their YouTube channel detailing the 3-year journey of the NSX from concept to production. No release date set yet, but this is a great video for all NSX-lovers.

View the entire video here.

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