Welcome to Paragon Honda

This morning Paragon Honda welcomed a delegation of Danish dealers representing 10+ manufacturers for a tour and presentation about our strategy and operation. They were able to meet our team and gain an in-depth look at our process, and we were able to learn how the auto industry works in Denmark.

The auto industry is a tough business – in both the United States and abroad. I am a strong advocate in sharing knowledge and helping each other when we can. The more we learn, the more we can push each other, and that only makes all of us better.

Danish Dealer Visit 3 Danish Dealer Visit 2

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Recap: A Successful 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Thank you to all those who supported me this past weekend at the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in support of a cure for prostrate cancer. This was a huge success in raising awareness and funds to support the development of a cure – not to mention a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday alongside 400 other dapper gentlemen.

It was great having Jason Graciano, Paragon Honda’s General Sales Manager, also join the ride decked out in his finest.


Jason Motorcycles BB

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A Customer Can Be A Customer For Life

A man walked into the Paragon Honda showroom the other day asking for me. He said, “Do you remember me? You don’t remember me do you? You sold me my last car.” He pulled out my business card of mine from 1990.

“I’m here to get a new Pilot and I told you when I was going to get another car I would buy it from you!” What a great feeling. Extended trade cycle management, anybody?

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2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: The Fight Against Prostrate Cancer

On September 27, I will don my best suit, hop on my Triumph Scrambler motorcycle and join the thousands of others riding for a cure against prostrate cancer. The goal is to raise $3 million to help in the battle against this deadly disease.


Take a look at my page here.

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A Facelift: 2016 Honda CR-Z

According to some leaked pictures from a Chinese website CarNewsChina.com, the Honda CR-Z vehicle will be getting some upgrades for 2016. While nothing under the hood will change, cosmetic upgrades – according to these spy shots, which have been neither confirmed nor denied by Honda – will include an overall racier look, with a redesigned rear bumper and new wheels, among other upgrades.

A new 2018 CR-Z is due out in 2018, so this cosmetic change will have to hold the niche CR-Z customers over until then. Without much to go on besides these grainy photos, it’s anyone’s guess what the final design will look like.

Read the full article on Car and Driver here.


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