From ‘Absolute Blind Spot’ to Profit Center

Amy Wilson
Automotive News — May 21, 2012 – 12:01 am ET

Benstock: No more "service full" signs

Brian Benstock acknowledges neglecting the service department.

Until just over a year ago, service marketing at his Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura stores in New York amounted to answering customer calls with “Service, please hold,” said Benstock, the dealerships’ general manager. He even recalls a service manager who once put a cardboard sign on a garage door that said “Service full. Sorry.”

Benstock made the manager remove the sign immediately, but even then Benstock paid little attention to service.

“It was an absolute blind spot,” said Benstock, who runs one of the top-selling Honda dealerships in the country. “I’ve always been good on the variable side, sales, but fixed ops was never my deal.”

That changed after Benstock saw the service results at Mungenast Automotive Family in St. Louis, a participant in his 20 group. “I thought they must be servicing every car in St. Louis,” Benstock said.

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Paragon Acura Receives the Prestigious Council of Excellence Award for 2011

Paragon Acura is one of just two Acura dealers in the country to receive the esteemed award 10 years in a row.

Paragon Acura is proud to be a recipient of the Council of Excellence Award for 2011. Paragon Acura has distinguished itself and its business management team as outstanding providers of financial services to its clients. With excellent financial services and expertise, the dealership has excelled in offering the level of service and support that Acura clients expect from the Acura brand.

Pictured below is owner Edith Singer, VP/GM Brian Benstock and Acura Financial Services during a photo shoot to celebrate their receiving of this award. Paragon Acura is honored to be a recipient of this distinguished Acura Financial Services award.

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