Brian Benstock on a January 2012 Episode of “Living Better with Laura Smith”

Brian Benstock on 770am WABC January 2012 on the Living Better with Laura Smith by Tier10 Marketing

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Brian Benstock in Haute Living Magazine’s Top 100



5. Brian Benstock

What makes him haute: After starting out under the guidance of Paul and Edith Singer in 1982 as a car salesman, Benstock quickly moved up to Vice President of Paragon Auto Group in New York City. Benstock created the online car sales site The company’s digital strategy enabled them to dominate the crowded digital space allowing them to sell twice as many certified vehicles as the next closer competitor in the world- this has not only changed the way cars are sold it’s changed the franchise itself by creating a franchise within the existing franchise.

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Dealers Weigh Giving Customers Great Loans Upfront or Tapping Refi Market

Jerilyn Klein Bier
Automotive News — January 4, 2012 – 12:01 am ET

Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura in New York says his stores keep customers happy by giving them competitive rates upfront.

If auto loan refinancing isn’t on your dealership’s radar, it may be time to put it there.

The gathering elements of historically low interest rates, auto owners searching out lower monthly payments and lenders scrambling for business could converge to bury unprepared dealerships under a pile of reserve chargebacks.

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