Auto Remarketing Names Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura CPO Dealer of the Year

November 23, 2010 – San Diego, CA – Auto Remarketing, a leading news source of the pre-owned auto industry, named Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura in Queens, NY, the recipient of their inaugural CPO Dealer of the Year Award. The award was presented by vAuto ( at its annual Certified Pre-Owned Conference in San Diego.

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Brian Benstock on WABC

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Buying a safe and reliable used car

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lucy Yang

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NEW YORK (WABC) — If navigating a used car lot reminds you of a minefield, you’re not the only one. There’s a lot to look for and a lot to know, like open recalls. The Department of Transportation says there are 600 new recalls every year. “There are literally millions of vehicles on the road today with open recalls and one of the most alarming things is the number of recalls that don’t actually get fixed,” said Larry Gamache, of Carfax Communications.

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Driven to Succeed

Driven to Succeed
By Chan Tran Huth on October 28th, 2010

They say never to trust a car salesperson, but they obviously haven’t met Brian Benstock, partner of Paragon Honda and Acura. During the crash of 2009, when many U.S. car dealerships were struggling, New York-based Paragon Honda jumped from No. 17 in the U.S. market share for Honda to the No. 1 New and Used Honda dealer in the state, nation, and world. In Acura sales, Paragon Acura shot up to No. 2. It only took them seven months, and so far at the end of 2010, Paragon Auto Group still owns the top.

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Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda and Acura


Paragon Honda and Acura in New York is a great family success story, says Vice President and Partner Brian Benstock. Paul Singer and his wife Edith acquired the Honda franchise back in 1970. At the time, Paul was an Oldsmobile dealer but fell in love with one of those Honda motorcycles. So he went out and got a franchise for the car. Singer set a portion of the showroom aside for a couple of Honda vehicles and people were laughing, but where’s Oldsmobile now? Benstock asks.

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