Road Test: The New 2016 HR-V

The All-New Honda 2016 HR-V is a killer combination of the Honda Fit hatchback and the incredibly successful CR-V. It’s not flashy or fancy, but it’s a solid subcompact model with a blockbuster of basics

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    2016 HR-V: “It’s Literally Coming Off the Truck and Into a Consumer’s Hand”

2016 HR-V: “It’s Literally Coming Off the Truck and Into a Consumer’s Hand”

James Jenkins, manager of light truck product planning at American Honda, couldn’t have said it better in his interview with Bloomberg.

“Basically, the car is showing up to the dealer and it’s sold,” he said.

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Honda VP John Mendel: The Consumer Comes First

The LA Times recently published an interview with John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda Motors Co. and head of North American auto operations, discussing the future of Honda in the United States.


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Reaching Millennials the Non-Traditional Way

Millennials are the future of the auto industry. Collectively, we’ve spent millions trying to reach them through traditional channels that worked for their parents, but not them. Honda has begun to crack that code

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The 2015 Honda CRV at Paragon Honda

The 2015 Honda CRV is a winner! Check out some of our latest videos that highlight this great product from Honda.


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Brian Benstock Attends Facebook Auto Summit

Earlier this week I was invited to speak at the 2015 Facebook Auto Summit roundtable in Detroit, MI where I met Michelle Morris and Trace Przybylowicz of Facebook (pictured below). It was a great experience

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