A Facelift: 2016 Honda CR-Z

According to some leaked pictures from a Chinese website CarNewsChina.com, the Honda CR-Z vehicle will be getting some upgrades for 2016. While nothing under the hood will change, cosmetic upgrades – according to these

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The NSX: Red, Blue, and Black

While we wait for an official release date, Acura keeps releasing teasers to keep us on our toes. Acura debuted two new colors at the Monterey Car Week for the sportscar; the Nouvelle Blue Pearl

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The Next Danger: Hacking

With progress comes opportunities – both good and bad.

As our vehicle technology advances beyond what we couldn’t even imagine fifty years ago, we must turn our attention away from the new, sexy technology and

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Vehicle Exchange Program

Paragon Honda completed a small update project in the service lane last week, and I wanted to share the results. It adds a little extra to our service lane while sharing one of our

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    Up Close and Personal: Acura NSX at Monterey Automotive Week

Up Close and Personal: Acura NSX at Monterey Automotive Week

Acura is due to unveil the new 2016 Acura NSX at the upcoming Monterey Automotive Week, running August 11-16 at Pebble Beach, CA. With no release date ready yet, we can only hope they take

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Honda Pilot Ad Tops ‘Most Engaging Auto Ad’ List

The new 2016 Honda Pilot is a hit, and so is the accompanying ad. The Honda-produced YouTube video titled “The Incredible Pilot Elite” topped WardsAuto’s list as the most-engaging ad of the week, which

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